Fire alarm system


The fire alarm system is the hub which controls and monitors many of the vital parts of the building. We are able to install and maintain all of these components which include magnetic door holders, releasing locks, exhaust fans, fire dampers, air handling units, sump pumps, heat traces, and firefighter elevator operation. All of these systems can be engineered to be monitored and controlled by your fire alarm system.

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  • Fire alarm installation

    We are a full-service electrical installation company with multiple BC Master Electricians (FSR) and a team of Red Seal electricians. We work on commercial, industrial, and residential projects and are capable of installing and maintaining all of your electrical needs. We have extensive experience in the design and installation of fire alarm systems, elevator modernization, emergency lighting and monitoring to meet the respective building, electrical and ULC codes.

    We have an extensive stock of parts on hand to repair your system and ensure that it is back up and running.

  • Fire alarm design

    We provide turnkey solutions in fire alarm design, engineered drawings, permitting, verification and final approvals from the AHJ. We work closely with owners, property managers, strata’s and tenants to minimize disruptions. Our work will meet ULC requirements and get approval from the Authorities Having Jurisdictions (AHJ).

  • Elevator modernization

    We complete elevator modernizations to CSA Code B44-07. This includes;

    • New elevator electrical feeds that are 2-hour rated to fusible disconnects, for both the elevator motor and lighting.
    • The interconnection to your fire alarm system to facilitate the firefighter operation of elevators.
    • GFCI protection in the elevator shafts for effective service.
    • Running new ground wires to the system ground.
    • Installation of new step-up, step-down or isolation transformers.
    • Sump pumps to keep your pits dry.
    • Design and installation of HVAC systems to ensure the longevity of elevator motors.

    If you are considering an elevator modernization, turn to the experts who have one of the best track records of completing these projects on time and on budget.

  • Emergency Lighting

    The installation and inspection of your building’s emergency lighting are vital in safely and effectively evacuating occupants from the building during an emergency situation.

    Elite Fire Protection’s Master Electricians have their ASTTBC certification and stay up to date on the latest codes and standards insuring that they are some of the best qualified in the industry. This provides us a competitive advantage over other electrical contractors as we are certified in the fire protection disciplines to make the best decisions regarding the installation and maintenance of your emergency lighting system.

  • Monitoring

    24/7 ULC monitoring of your fire alarm system is required in many municipalities. This automatic dispatch lowers response times and can lower your insurance premiums for your building. Insurance companies know that the amount of damage that can be caused by a fire is drastically lower when an ULC monitoring system is installed and the fire department is able to respond quickly to contain a fire. Elite Fire Protection is approved by ULC to supply, install and test monitoring equipment.

  • Products

    As exclusive distributors of Edwards SIGA signature line products and iO addressable panels, Elite Fire Protection has the competitive advantage to get you the best building technology at a reasonable price. We are suppliers of Mircom, Notifier, Simplex and Firelite so we can meet your needs, regardless of what system manufacturer you currently have or would like to have, in your building.


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