Sprinkler Systems


We supply and install new fire sprinkler systems and backflow prevention devices, both of which are key parts of any fire protection system.

The BC Fire Code requires both sprinkler systems and back flow devices to be tested and inspected annually. Beyond simple maintenance and installation, we also offer retrofitting and repairs for both systems.

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  • Sprinkler Systems

    We install and maintain wet and dry sprinkler systems, which protect both your building and its occupants. Properly maintained sprinkler systems save lives, helping to reduce flames and smoke in emergency fire situations.

  • Winterization

    To prepare for the colder temperatures in the winter, an Elite Fire Protection sprinkler technician will check and drain the low points of the system to release the condensation from the sprinkler pipes. Sprinkler systems are designed so that the pipes are angled toward the low points allowing the condensation to flow to the low point drains. If the pitch isn’t correct, the condensation can collect elsewhere in the pipes where it could be at risk of freezing in the winter. During the winterization procedure the sprinkler technician will check the pitch of the sprinkler pipes to ensure it is correct.

  • Fire Hose

    Our ASTTBC certified technicians can inspect, test and maintain the fire hoses and related equipment in your facility.


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